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Dr. Jody Anderson


A former multi-sport athlete who still loves golf, hockey and helping athletes of all calibers, from around the world to meet their own goals, Dr. Anderson equally enjoys working with individuals of all ages who possess a drive and desire to get moving; to become stronger and to live better, fuller lives.


Completion of an undergraduate degree in Physical Education at The University of Western Ontario in 1992 was the beginning of formal study into human performance, exercise, and training.  Dr. Anderson went on to Train-Trainers within the largest Personal Training Network in the world and has really enjoyed the learning and teaching experience.


Informal and practical education is ongoing through a Professional Network of Certified Athletic Trainers, Elite Personal Trainers, and Sports Medicine Personnel who work with Developing; Sub-Elite; and High-Performance Athletes at the Professional and Olympic Levels.


Not to be lost on the importance of our hard workers outside of Sport, Dr. Anderson has applied his experience and knowledge of Performance as a Consultant throughout N. America, within Industry, in areas pertaining to Loss Prevention; Risk Analysis; and Ergonomic Assessment specifically related to a reduction of cost and, cost-effective treatment of repetitive stress type injuries.

Dr. Anderson will oversee and direct all Southwest Pain Relief Protocols.

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