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Southwest Pain Relief is ready to help you reach your Health and Optimal Living Goals.  We have successfully worked with Individuals, Family Doctors, Specialists, other Health Care Providers and Health Benefit Insurers to design treatment strategies, that meets our patients' health and health care needs. We look forward to serving YOU.

Professional Clinical Services


Medical Laser Therapy

Low-Intensity Laser Therapy, also known as Laser, Cold Laser, Medical Laser, LILT, and LLT is a Clinically proven effective Medical Therapeutic Modality, that utilizes light to naturally stimulate a healing response.  The healing process promoted by laser therapy is uniquely and precisely initiated at a cellular level, where the available cells are nourished by packets of photon energy (of light), in a similar way that sunlight naturally nourishes the earth's plants, to fuel the process of photosynthesis.

In humans, where the natural healing potential is God-given and programmed, laser therapy effectively turns "on" or speeds up a healing response and process, where possible and when required.  Medical Researchers have known that Light has unique properties, which can be harnessed and modified to activate specific healing cells and processes within the body.  Past clinical applications of electromodalities such as Ultrasound (which uses "Sound" Waves), TENS, and IFC, are being phased out in modern clinical and hospital settings, by the advanced therapeutic modality of Laser Therapy.

Southwest Pain Relief utilizes the advanced Bioflex Low-Intensity Laser System, developed by Dr. Fred Kahn, MD, FRCS(C) at Meditech International (  Clinical Director, Dr. Anderson served as Dr. Kahn's Clinical Fellow, for a period of 3.5yrs and has been utilizing the Advanced Bioflex system for over a decade.

The unique training opportunity with the developer of an important medical modality has resulted in Dr. Anderson's management of 100,000+ laser therapy treatments, over a 10+year period.  Additionally, the global adoption of the Bioflex Laser Therapy System led to the training of Doctors, Researchers, Hospital Groups, and Sports Teams from around the world, about the proven clinical benefits of Laser Therapy. Conditions treated have ranged from very complex neurologic, spine, and arthritic conditions - to minor aches and Work/Sport related sprains and strains.  A former multi-sport athlete, Dr. Anderson remains passionate about and heavily involved in Sport, where he has been privileged to work at every level including Local, Junior, Professional, and Olympic, and across a wide variety of sports including Hockey, Golf, Football, Soccer, Baseball, and Lacrosse.

Clinical Outcomes of Laser Therapy have been well documented, researched, and published.  Peer-reviewed literature and Patient information-type brochures are available upon request and can be provided directly to your Doctor or yourself.  Dr. Anderson is a Low-Intensity Laser Therapy Specialist, and Master Trainer for a Private Clinical Education Group, specializing in Advanced Medical Therapeutics.


Dr. Anderson suffered injuries stemming from a series of Youth Sport-related concussions and related spine injuries, that were initially managed by conventional medical treatments prescribed by his Family Doctor.

Eventually, he was referred to a chiropractor by his family doctor, which was supported by his mother (a Registered Nurse), for the co-management of debilitating headache symptoms, poor quality of life, and deteriorating health. Chiropractic didn't prove to be a fool-proof solution, and it did provide meaningful insight into health and the healing process, which fuelled Dr. Anderson's academic curiosity and interest in possible supplemental treatment approaches.  The knowledge gained as a patient under both traditional and alternative medical approaches continues to be valuable.

Dr. Anderson utilizes a combination of safe and gentle manual manipulation approaches.  He appreciates and understands that many different forms of therapy and care exist, including but not limited to chiropractic and he strives to work with Individuals, to develop a treatment approach that meets their needs, and comfort levels.   

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